Condair RO-H

Water treatment system RO-H

The Condair RO-H Reverse Osmosis is a system for the production of pure water. It removes over 95% of all salts and minerals contained in tap water.

Voltage: AC 110-240, 50-60Hz, 75W
Inlet water pressure: 0..6…3.5bar
Output water pressure: 2.2 – 3.0 bar
Max pure water production: 1.0l/min
Min. RO permeate capacity @ 5C
Pre-filter 1: Active carbon filter
Pre filter 2: Sediment filter 5μm

Condair RO-A

Water treatment system RO-A

Reverse Osmosis System Condair RO-A

Reverse osmosis (RO) is an effective and economic way of removing minerals from water. By removing the minerals from a humidifier’s supply water, the limescale that builds up in the system is virtually eliminated. This results in a much lower level of required maintenance and in reduced energy consumption in steam humidifiers. Steam humidifiers that run on mains water need to drain their steam cylinder occasionally to maintain a low mineral content and reduce limescale build-up. Control voltage standard 230V/1~/50…60Hz.